National Geographic Series at the Straz Center in Tampa

August 7, 2012

A few years ago I sat next to a guy on a flight who was traveling back from Indonesia to his home in Sarasota.  I don’t recall the exact flight we were on but I think it was somewhere around Los Angeles to Albuquerque, but it wasn’t to Tampa.  So it was somewhat of a coincidence that he lives in Sarasota, about an hour south of Tampa where I am from.  The guy next to me is an underwater photographer and he told me about what he does.  He has a ton of experience spending 3 months at a time in the South Pacific.  Because of the limitations of the visas, he spends three months at a time in the region and then he travels home and takes a month or two off.  He makes a living selling his photographs and video to magazines and other companies to be used in print.  I’m very interested in scuba diving and the ocean in general so I really enjoyed sitting next to this guy and hearing his story.

The Straz Center in Tampa is hosting a speaker’s series next year presented by National Geographic.  The first speaker on January 22, 2013 is an underwater photographer in the South Pacific, the same region the guy I sat next to spends most of his time.  Below is the description and a video of what the presentation will be about.

Tickets go on sell on September 12th and are $18 each.

National Geographic Live! Secret Edens with underwater photographer David Doubilet

National Geographic Live! Journey with photographer David Doubilet into hidden Edens from the heart of the coral triangle in Raja Ampat, Indonesia to Africa’s Okavango Delta, where seasonal floodwaters transform a desert into flowing rivers filled with crocodiles, hippos and a lily forest. Considered the world’s leading underwater photographer, Doubilet has introduced a generation to the mystery and wonder of the deep, photographing coral reefs, historic shipwrecks, ocean predators and exotic marine creatures for more than 70 stories for National Geographic. For David Doubilet’s official website, click here.

January 22, 2013:

(photos from National Geographic’s website)


Upcoming travel

April 29, 2011

I stumbled across this distance calculator where you can type in any two cities in the world and it’ll calculate the distance between the two.  I started to plug in some cities where I’ll be traveling in the near future and it turns out I’ll be traveling over 28,000 miles in the next seven weeks.

4/29 – 5/2 – Tampa for the weekend, 1,000 miles each way = 2,000

5/6 – 5/10 – Amsterdam for four days, 4,000 miles each way = 8,000

6/10 – 6/23 – China for ten days, 7,000 miles each way.  Leaving from Tampa so that’s an extra 2,000 miles there and back, and will also travel around 3,000-4,000 miles while in China = 19,000 – 20,000

TOTAL= 29,000 – 30,000 miles total

Double screw me

February 15, 2011

This past weekend I traveled to Tampa because I had to take an in class exam for an online class I’m taking at USF.  I was scheduled to fly out of JFK at 5:15pm on Friday but I messed up on the subway and missed the flight.  Going from the Upper West Side to JFK is kind of tricky because there is no direct way to transfer to the E train.  I have to get off the train at Columbus Circle, take the B or D train one stop and then transfer to the E train.  Well, since I’m not real familiar with this of course I messed it up which set me back about 45 minutes because I made a few other stupid mistakes trying to get back to where I needed to be.

This is the third flight I’ve missed in the past few months so clearly I need to step up my game.  The other two times it wasn’t a big deal but this time I was flying American Airlines and the 5:15pm is the only direct flight to Tampa for the day.  And since it was already getting late in the day, there were no other flights to get me into Tampa, not even if I traveled through a different city.  So I had no choice but to pay $325 for a last minute one-way ticket on JetBlue which was leaving JFK at 7:00pm.  I could’ve waited til the next day and flown standby on American but my test was at 1:30pm the next day in Sarasota and the earliest, given I was even able to get on the earliest flight, I could’ve arrived in Tampa would’ve been 12:05pm.

Obviously I wasn’t happy about this but at least it was my own fault so I couldn’t be mad at anyone but myself.  My weekend went well in Tampa, I did well on my test and I saw a bunch of friends who I wanted to see.  My return flight back to NYC was at 6:00am Monday morning that way I could get back into the city in time to go to work.  Well.. 4:45am I got dropped off at Tampa airport and when I tried to check in for my flight, they couldn’t find my name on the list.  It turns out I mistakenly booked my flight in reverse so instead of Tampa to NYC, I had a ticket to leave NYC at 6:00am Monday morning and arrive in Tampa.

It was clearly an honest mistake which I figured could be cleared up without too much problem.  I was wrong.  The in person agents couldn’t help me so they told me to call the customer service and they would have to assist me.  Of course instead of letting me fly stand by on the flight that I thought I already had a ticket for, I had to pay the last minute price for the flight and it ended up costing me an additional $170 dollars.  I talked to a few different supervisors and got really upset but the only thing they would do was waive the $50 change fee and I still had to pay the $170 difference in airfare.  I was LIVID.  But once again, it was completely my own fault so what could I do?

UGHHHHHhhhh what a glorious waste of $500.  FUCK ME.

First Day of Photo Snapping

April 30, 2010

I do recognize that we are in America and quite simply, Americans just don’t like to read.  Most Americans that is.  Recognizing that, I present you with a few photos from my first day of using my camera.  I was a little unsure how they were coming out because I couldn’t tell with the LCD screen on the camera, but I am really pleased after putting them on my computer and looking at them in high resolution.  Be sure to click on the pictures to view them larger, they look amazing the larger they are.

These are taken with a 75-300mm lens which is typically used to take pictures from a distance, but you can also use it to be creative with close up things where you can blur out things based on where you focus.  I’m waiting for my 18-55mm lens to arrive which is the standard lens that allows you to take pictures of everyday things in the same room as you.