Double screw me

February 15, 2011

This past weekend I traveled to Tampa because I had to take an in class exam for an online class I’m taking at USF.  I was scheduled to fly out of JFK at 5:15pm on Friday but I messed up on the subway and missed the flight.  Going from the Upper West Side to JFK is kind of tricky because there is no direct way to transfer to the E train.  I have to get off the train at Columbus Circle, take the B or D train one stop and then transfer to the E train.  Well, since I’m not real familiar with this of course I messed it up which set me back about 45 minutes because I made a few other stupid mistakes trying to get back to where I needed to be.

This is the third flight I’ve missed in the past few months so clearly I need to step up my game.  The other two times it wasn’t a big deal but this time I was flying American Airlines and the 5:15pm is the only direct flight to Tampa for the day.  And since it was already getting late in the day, there were no other flights to get me into Tampa, not even if I traveled through a different city.  So I had no choice but to pay $325 for a last minute one-way ticket on JetBlue which was leaving JFK at 7:00pm.  I could’ve waited til the next day and flown standby on American but my test was at 1:30pm the next day in Sarasota and the earliest, given I was even able to get on the earliest flight, I could’ve arrived in Tampa would’ve been 12:05pm.

Obviously I wasn’t happy about this but at least it was my own fault so I couldn’t be mad at anyone but myself.  My weekend went well in Tampa, I did well on my test and I saw a bunch of friends who I wanted to see.  My return flight back to NYC was at 6:00am Monday morning that way I could get back into the city in time to go to work.  Well.. 4:45am I got dropped off at Tampa airport and when I tried to check in for my flight, they couldn’t find my name on the list.  It turns out I mistakenly booked my flight in reverse so instead of Tampa to NYC, I had a ticket to leave NYC at 6:00am Monday morning and arrive in Tampa.

It was clearly an honest mistake which I figured could be cleared up without too much problem.  I was wrong.  The in person agents couldn’t help me so they told me to call the customer service and they would have to assist me.  Of course instead of letting me fly stand by on the flight that I thought I already had a ticket for, I had to pay the last minute price for the flight and it ended up costing me an additional $170 dollars.  I talked to a few different supervisors and got really upset but the only thing they would do was waive the $50 change fee and I still had to pay the $170 difference in airfare.  I was LIVID.  But once again, it was completely my own fault so what could I do?

UGHHHHHhhhh what a glorious waste of $500.  FUCK ME.