Public Transportation, lack thereof in the US of A

July 10, 2011

I think if highways and air travel are highly subsized to the tune of billions of dollars each year, then why can’t the gov’t subsidize high speed rail travel? Sure it’ll cost billions to build but once built it will generate revenue. Over time, as it expands it’ll generate more revenue therefore the gov’t would start to lose less and perhaps in the future can even break even or generate profit.

Instead of us sending BILLIONS of dollars over to the Middle East because gas is over $4.00 a gallon, why don’t we all pay $100/month to ride the public subway systems that can be built in each city.  Then if we want to travel further, say to visit family or even for a short vacation close by, then we buy tickets at an affordable price.  Maybe $50 roundtrip within the state and $200 within half the US, if going from coast to coast then $400 roundtrip.  I have no idea how many people would use it so I can’t figure out what those numbers would equal, but I’m sure it’ll start to get into the billions of dollars as well.

While driving seems to be a pretty ordinary and necessary task, it isn’t.  Having lived in New York City for the past year and experiencing the convenience, and also the frustrations of public transportation, I am ashamed to look to Europe and see an infrastructure already built and invested in.  What the hell is the US doing, why aren’t we investing in the infrastructure of our own country?