The Azores. And for really cheap!?!

February 3, 2013

I haven’t been keeping my eye out for travel deals lately because I’ve been busy with school and starting a new job and I don’t have the chance to travel anytime soon, but this one caught my eye.  It has all the elements of GoGetOut and it’s surprisingly cheap.

The Azores is an island off the coast of Portugal far far away from the mainland.  It’s not quite as remote as Hawaii, but it’s a tropical paradise with a bunch of similarities.  There are nine volcanic islands that make up the region and it is considered part of Portugal.  The Azores are located 930 miles west of Portugal and 2,200 miles east of New York City.

The Groupon deal is for int’l flight from Boston or a few other select cities, and 6 nights of hotel at a decent looking place, for $699 or $799 depending on departure date.  Considering that flight alone is typically $800-1,000 per person this is a great deal!!!


Articles about The Azores

“When the clouds lift, which happens now and then, the Atlantic Ocean appears some 2,000 feet below —a sheet of smooth, blue-gray glass. But just as often, you will commence your hike shrouded in a white mist.”

“THE Azores are a tangle of myths, a tableau vivant of intersecting stories of creation and destruction. Tales of the lost remains of Atlantis, sea monsters attacking fishing towns, rich kingdoms destroyed by volcanic fire – these are some of the stories repeated by young and old alike.”

“As always, it is the getting there that counts. The more rugged the journey, the more secure the memory of it against the ravages of time — and the deeper the awareness of where you have arrived.”

“The Azores are actually some of the tallest mountains on the planet, measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean to their peaks, which thrust high above the surface of the Atlantic.”

“Because these once-uninhabited and remote islands were settled sporadically over a span of two centuries, their culture, dialect, cuisine, and traditions vary considerably.”

“I admit that a tea plantation wasn’t one of the things I’d been expecting from the Azores. Whale watching is what brings most people here, and the nine islands are also a magnet for birdwatchers, walkers and divers. But they harbour some well-kept secrets, too. And so I learn that this western-most outpost of Europe, some 1,500km from Lisbon, is one of the only places on the continent where tea is grown.”

Whale Watching:

“Just 100 yards from the shore the depth drops to one mile, and then to a further three. It’s a fearful place from which to swim for anyone with an overactive imagination; climbing down a ladder into water made inky by the rocks, I felt distinctly spooked by what might lie below. Yet for my fellow mammals, it’s precisely this profundity that makes these waters a perfect home. This is where leviathans linger, sucking up the plentiful supply of squid.”

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