November 29, 2010

Well, I’m notorious for barely making flights just by the last second.  And literally, without a second to spare.  I’ve only ever missed one flight and I don’t really count that because it was due to circumstances out of my control.  That was an interesting experience which happened last summer when I was flying from San Diego to Tampa, but that’s starting to stray from the point.

For the first time, I missed my flight Saturday morning going from Tampa to NYC.  My flight was scheduled to leave Tampa at 5:15am and I had already checked in online.  What was different this trip is I had to check my luggage which I wasn’t really aware had to be done 45 minutes before departure.  Yeah, yeah, I know I’m an idiot for not being fully aware of that… So I arrived at the airport at exactly 4:48am and they had already closed the flight.  My only option was to wait for another flight at 7:55am and get me into NYC almost 4 hours later than planned.

It ended up not being a big deal because my friend Josh who dropped me off at the airport came back and picked me up and we went to breakfast at a really good restaurant.  Pach’s Place is a great breakfast restaurant directly across the street from my old apartment in Tampa.  I used to order breakfast from there all the time because it’s super cheap and excellent food.