The Azores. And for really cheap!?!

February 3, 2013

I haven’t been keeping my eye out for travel deals lately because I’ve been busy with school and starting a new job and I don’t have the chance to travel anytime soon, but this one caught my eye.  It has all the elements of GoGetOut and it’s surprisingly cheap.

The Azores is an island off the coast of Portugal far far away from the mainland.  It’s not quite as remote as Hawaii, but it’s a tropical paradise with a bunch of similarities.  There are nine volcanic islands that make up the region and it is considered part of Portugal.  The Azores are located 930 miles west of Portugal and 2,200 miles east of New York City.

The Groupon deal is for int’l flight from Boston or a few other select cities, and 6 nights of hotel at a decent looking place, for $699 or $799 depending on departure date.  Considering that flight alone is typically $800-1,000 per person this is a great deal!!!


Articles about The Azores

“When the clouds lift, which happens now and then, the Atlantic Ocean appears some 2,000 feet below —a sheet of smooth, blue-gray glass. But just as often, you will commence your hike shrouded in a white mist.”

“THE Azores are a tangle of myths, a tableau vivant of intersecting stories of creation and destruction. Tales of the lost remains of Atlantis, sea monsters attacking fishing towns, rich kingdoms destroyed by volcanic fire – these are some of the stories repeated by young and old alike.”

“As always, it is the getting there that counts. The more rugged the journey, the more secure the memory of it against the ravages of time — and the deeper the awareness of where you have arrived.”

“The Azores are actually some of the tallest mountains on the planet, measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean to their peaks, which thrust high above the surface of the Atlantic.”

“Because these once-uninhabited and remote islands were settled sporadically over a span of two centuries, their culture, dialect, cuisine, and traditions vary considerably.”

“I admit that a tea plantation wasn’t one of the things I’d been expecting from the Azores. Whale watching is what brings most people here, and the nine islands are also a magnet for birdwatchers, walkers and divers. But they harbour some well-kept secrets, too. And so I learn that this western-most outpost of Europe, some 1,500km from Lisbon, is one of the only places on the continent where tea is grown.”

Whale Watching:

“Just 100 yards from the shore the depth drops to one mile, and then to a further three. It’s a fearful place from which to swim for anyone with an overactive imagination; climbing down a ladder into water made inky by the rocks, I felt distinctly spooked by what might lie below. Yet for my fellow mammals, it’s precisely this profundity that makes these waters a perfect home. This is where leviathans linger, sucking up the plentiful supply of squid.”

Travel + Leisure:






Groupon Deal:


Flight deal by NYC to Tel Aviv, Israel

August 6, 2012

Today, posted a special for roundtrip flights NYC to Tel Aviv for $335-350 after taxes and fees.  Normally, this ticket would go for about $1,000+.  They had dates available ranging from November to February and as predicted, the special sold out within two hours.

My sister is in Bahrain right now so I thought maybe this would be a good chance to get a ticket to go see her.  But by time I factor in 200+ to get to/from NYC and then also Tel Aviv is still a long ways away from where she is.  I’d meet her either in Bahrain or Dubai which is another $600+ ticket.  So all in all, it would cost over $1,000 to piece together the ticket and it’s still so far away it’s too early for me to begin planning.  I’m hoping to visit her in December or January after I graduate from school.

Travel Deals to Kenya

May 31, 2012

I’ve been keeping my eye out for deals to Africa recently because I have the opportunity to travel to Kenya and Tanzania over Thanksgiving break so I’m trying to get a feel for what deals are available.  I don’t think I’m going to do the trip that I’m considering over Thanksgiving but I would like to visit Eastern Africa soon so I’m keeping these deals on my radar…

1.  BudgetTravel dea:l  6 days from $2,149

2.  Friendly Planet Kenya Safari Express: 8 days from 2,199

I like this deal from Friendly Planet a lot because there are a few different variations that one can choose.  All the trips include roundtrip airfare from New York City, with a layover in Istanbul.  For $599 more you can add a 3 day extension in Istanbul including food and tours.  Because the flight already includes a layover there, it doesn’t cost too much to add the extension so it’s a great opportunity to see two totally different parts of the world all in one trip.

TravelZoo Travel Deal: ICELAND!

May 17, 2012

When I lived in NYC I noticed Iceland Air would advertise pretty often on the subways and also on the bus stops.  They’d usually post a gorgeous picture and have a catchy proposition enticing you to visit.  I remember seeing deals from $699 and $799 but this week TravelZoo is highlighting a deal that is being offered by Iceland Air for round-trip airfare and four nights hotel for $899 after taxes and fees.  The deal can be extended for $80 per person per night up to 4 additional days for a total of about $1250 per person based on double occupancy for 8 nights.

“Experience the Arctic North”

Travel Period:  Oct 1, 2012 – Apr 26, 2013

Northern Iceland is a land of amazing adventures, offering diverse options for those who want to combine relaxation with fun and excitement in a veritable paradise of nature.  There are countless opportunities for outdoor activities to suit everyone’s taste.  Enjoy a relaxing visit to the charming, lively town of Akuryeri.  The center of culture, education and leisure activities in North Iceland, Akureyri is the largest town outside of the Reykjavik capital area.  In addition to its culture Akureyri  is an excellent base for winter recreational activities such as downhill and cross country skiing, snowmobiling, horse trekking, super Jeep excursions and a skating rink.    The town also offers one of the finest geothermal outdoor swimming pools in Iceland, a spa like facility located just steps from the Icelandair Hotel Akureyri.

There are few places in North Iceland better than the Akureyri area, in close range to the Arctic Circle. The best months for Northern Lights viewing are October through mid-April (subject to weather conditions).

This deal from Icelandair includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare on Icelandair from New York to Iceland
  • Roundtrip airfare between Reykjavik and Akureyri
  • Two nights at the 4-star Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura
  • Two nights at the Icelandair Hotel Akureyri
  • Northern Lights evening tour
  • Four buffet breakfasts

Link to Iceland Air deal page

Link to TravelZoo page where I originally saw the deal


LivingSocial Travel Deal: CHINA!

May 16, 2012

East Asian Elegance in Enchanting China

Covering Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou, your expedition includes seven nights of accommodations, daily breakfast, five lunches and two dinners, and round-trip airfare from either JFK or Vancouver International Airport.

$1,690 per person based on double occupancy

This trip is a great deal because of everything it includes.  The flight alone would typically be about $1,200 so this is similar to paying about $500 for all the ground accommodations.

To make it an even better, though, LivingSocial gives the 4th person free if it’s booked correctly.  The deal is that if you book the deal, give a specific link to your friends to follow when they book theirs, and if 3 people book they give you your trip completely free.

Want it for free?Buy first, then share a special link. If three friends buy, yours is free!

$1,690 * 3 paying guests = $5,070

$5,070 / 4 guests = $1,267.50 per person



Travel Deal to Switzerland

May 12, 2012

Air & 6 nights hotel from $1,199 by Budget Travel

On this highly civilized six-night escape to Switzerland, travelers will stay in a 19th-century château between Lake Geneva and the Jura Mountains.

The Real Deal Airfare to Geneva from New York; accommodations at the Château de Divonne, 15 minutes from the Geneva airport; and fuel surcharges.

When Mar. 3, 2011; Mar. 10 ($1,399); Mar. 17-31 ($1,499); Apr. 7 ($1,599); Apr. 14-May 26 ($1,999).

Why It’s a Deal Airfare and accommodations cost about $1,261 if booking independently.

The Fine Print Mention promo code BTMAG332. Read these guidelines before you book any Real Deal. SS $499.

Gateways New York City.

Contact Foreign Independent Tours, 800/248-3487,,7062/

Traveling to Switzerland

May 12, 2012

Trip Advisor vacation packages travel info on Swiz

Budget Travel info

Travel Zoo trips

SwissTrip ski trips


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