Cities of Mongolia

June 3, 2012

The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaator and is located in the Northern part of the country.  There are over 1,000,000 people who live in the city which makes it by far the largest city in Mongolia.

Located in north central Mongolia, the city lies at an elevation of about 1,310 metres (4,300 ft) in a valley on the Tuul River. It is the cultural, industrial, and financial heart of the country. It is the center of Mongolia’s road network, and is connected by rail to both the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia and the Chinese railway system.[2]

The city was founded in 1639 as a movable (nomadic) Buddhist monastic centre. In 1778 it settled permanently at its present location, the junction of the Tuul and Selbe rivers. Before that it changed location twenty-eight times, with each location being chosen ceremonially. In the twentieth century, Ulan Bator grew into a major manufacturing centre.[2]

Source: Wiki

Wikipedia has two panoramic shots of Ulaanbaator.  To view the photos in high resolution on the Wiki site, click on the photos below.  At the site you can zoom in really well and see good details of the photos:


Wikipedia page on Ulaanbaator


Cities of Indonesia

May 19, 2012

The largest city in Indonesia, which is also the capital, is Jakarta which has a population of approximately 10,000,000 people.

Its current name is derived from the word “Jayakarta”. The origins of this word lie in the Old Javanese and thus ultimately in the Sanskrit language. “Jayakarta” translates as “victorious deed”, “complete act”, or “complete victory”.

Top 10 Most Populous Cities in Indonesia:

1. Jakarta (8.792 million)

2. Surabaya (3,282,156)

3. Bandung (2,771,138)

4. Medan (2,036,018)

5. Bekasi (1,940,308)

6. Tanggerang (1,488,666)

7. Semarang (1,352,869)

8. Depok (1,339,263)

9. Palembang (1,323,169)

10. Makassar (1,168,258)


TravBuddy: “Popular Cities in Indonesia”

Top 10 Most Populous Cities in Indonesia

Interactive game that challenges one to pinpoint the cities of Indonesia on a map, by

Cities of Switzerland

May 13, 2012

I came across this website called MySwitzerland and it has a cool timeline feature in which it recommends an itinerary for spending a day in that city, called “A Perfect Day In…”

The five largest cities of Switzerland are:

1. Basel

2. Bern

3. Geneva

4. Lausanne

5. Lugano

(Click on the links for each country to see the timeline feature by MySwitzerland)

MySwitzerland Cities of Switzerland link

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