My small apartment!!

January 13, 2011

Well, I’ve been back in New York City and in my apartment for exactly one week now.  In fact, pretty much one week to the exact hour at this moment I’m writing this.  So, it’s about time to clean my apartment.  A thought I had though while getting my dirty clothes ready to drop off at the laundry tomorrow..

One bad thing about living in a studio, although I must admit I live in a rather large studio, is that when you throw your clothes across the room aiming for the laundry basket and you happen to miss, suddenly half the floor is littered with dirty laundry.  And in this specific case, adding to the fact that I haven’t moved any of the missed clothes into the basket in the week I’ve been back, I’m not kidding when I say over half the floor is dirty laundry.

I’m embarrassed to even post this picture publicly but heh, only God can judge.  The picture is taken from my desk and the dirty clothes basket is in the top left.  The basket is empty because I put it all into the blue bag that’s next to it, but pretty much it was full and overflowing and you can see I haven’t even finished unpacking from this long trip either.  Some of the clothes on the rug at the bottom are clean and I keep them in stacks because I don’t really have anywhere else to put them for now.

Now that I’m done typing this up I’m questioning why I thought I should post this.  Hmmmmm, well what the heck, here it is..