Around the World this week: Articles of Interest

1.  Storing bicycles in cities is a logistical problem, but here’s an interesting solution:

2.  Barnes & Noble is the last standing large book selling company, but the future is uncertain:

3.  Lot of people arrested in Oakland in relation to the Occupy Wall Street movement:

4.  Hudson River Park in New York City:


6.  Live rock for aquariums:

7.  Possible minimum wage increase for the state of New York from $7.25 per hour to $8.50 per hour.  Surrounding states’ minimum wages are $8.00, $8.46, and $8.25 so it surprises me that New York is currently the lowest among them:

8. Rupert Murdoch is using Twitter:



11.  Interesting view on the information between the rich and poor:

12.  The costs of labor:



15.  Pipeline crucial to Republicans:


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