Clearwater Beach, Florida

January 30, 2012

Photos taken on Saturday, January 28th, 2012.


Articles of Interest: What I’m reading this week…

January 29, 2012

1.  Article comparing expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan to other lower priced areas with similar qualities:

2.  Anne M. Finucane is in charge of cleaning up Bank of America’s image.  Although her official title is Global Strategy and Marketing Officer, she’s essentially the Chief Image Officer:

3.  An artist of light, Doug Wheeler’s installation art gallery opening soon in Chelsea:

4.  National Geographic’s Top 10 Secrets about Machu Picchu:

5.  Graffiti artists in Brazil using black paint and rollers instead of the traditional colorful spray cans:

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Yosemite National Park HD Video

January 27, 2012

Once in a lifetime travel contest by G Adventure.. Please vote for me!

January 2, 2012

G Adventure Travel is holding a contest to find three winners to travel somewhere in the world and be accompanied by a photographer and videographer to capture the adventure which will be used in print and online in their 2013 campaigns.  The first step of the process is to be in the Top 20 based on votes by January 8th.  Currently, I’m ranked about #95 so I have a long ways to go but I think if I play up the social networking and market myself I may be able to get the votes that it will take.  If I were one of the winners and had a choice of where to travel, I’d ask to travel to Africa and visit as many countries as possible.

Please VOTE AND SHARE on Facebook and Twitter!!!

Each IP address can vote one time per day so please vote as many times as possible throughout the week.  Also, you can vote from your phone once per day but be sure to use a different email address.

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.  -Stevenson

Below is my full story but the contest only allowed for 1,000 characters so I had to shorten it up a bit in order to fit:

“Last Wednesday while visiting Medellin, Colombia, my amazing friend Elizabeth was helping organize an event for poor children to have a Christmas party because they were not in situations where they would get to celebrate the holiday.  The children who walked through those doors were so grateful and I was amazed at the appreciation they showed for the group of us who helped put it together.  They came from the commune 8, la casita de Nicolas, la casita del sol and la chinca areas of Medellin.  There was a DJ who played great music the whole time  and every single one of the children danced for a few hours and had the time of their life.  There was a hot dog stand which kept them fed as well as pop corn, ice cream, bunelos, donuts and lots of candy.  Liz organized a play area where they hopped in a sack a short distance, carried a ping-pong ball on a large spoon with their teeth, danced thru a hoola-hoop and walked with a ballon between their legs to the finish line.  There was also face painting, a jumping machine (blow up castle), and every child received a gift and a Santa hat to wear throughout the day.  Even though I don’t speak a bit of Spanish and most of the children didn’t speak any English, I was able to communicate with them and share in the joy that they had the entire day.  The children liked to be around me because I was different and even though they didn’t know what I was saying, they continued to talk to me and at times there was someone around who could translate.  A group of teenage girls wanted to know how old I am and where I’m from, and they had me dancing to a few crazy dances for about half an hour at one point.  The organization brought in some big name performers and the children were grateful to meet some people who they had only known their names before through their music.  Although I was a tourist visiting Medellin during my vacation, this unique opportunity to be a part of something great for a group of underprivileged, grateful children allowed me to have a real connection in one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.  It opened my eyes to the grateful hearts that some of the poorest children in the country have, and allowed me to be part of a bold and beautiful experience in one of the brightest moments of their year.”

About 150 children ages 5 to 18 attended the event