November 29, 2010

Well, I’m notorious for barely making flights just by the last second.  And literally, without a second to spare.  I’ve only ever missed one flight and I don’t really count that because it was due to circumstances out of my control.  That was an interesting experience which happened last summer when I was flying from San Diego to Tampa, but that’s starting to stray from the point.

For the first time, I missed my flight Saturday morning going from Tampa to NYC.  My flight was scheduled to leave Tampa at 5:15am and I had already checked in online.  What was different this trip is I had to check my luggage which I wasn’t really aware had to be done 45 minutes before departure.  Yeah, yeah, I know I’m an idiot for not being fully aware of that… So I arrived at the airport at exactly 4:48am and they had already closed the flight.  My only option was to wait for another flight at 7:55am and get me into NYC almost 4 hours later than planned.

It ended up not being a big deal because my friend Josh who dropped me off at the airport came back and picked me up and we went to breakfast at a really good restaurant.  Pach’s Place is a great breakfast restaurant directly across the street from my old apartment in Tampa.  I used to order breakfast from there all the time because it’s super cheap and excellent food.



Fall, New York City, 2010

November 16, 2010

Fall is turning out to be one amazing season in New York City this year.  I’m so happy to be living in an area that experiences seasons.  While Florida has it’s advantaged of living there, I think I’ve decided to call NYC home for the foreseeable future!!!


West 80th Street, between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive, one block from my office.. If I talk to you while I’m at work, I’m probably walking down this street at some point of the conversation!!

oh, New York City

November 12, 2010

I’ve pretty much gotten used to seeing rats in New York City, now after going on 6 months of living here, although they have never really bothered me.  Most likely they don’t bother me because it’s always from a distance.  The rats I can deal with, but when a big ass cockroach went prancing by on the floor of my kitchen while I was cooking.. EWW!

I know there are trade offs in life.  If I were paying full price for my apartment I would demand extermination service, but I guess I can deal with one roach after living here for over three months.  Oh, New York City, I love you but please keep the cockroaches out of my apartment.

I figured I’d give a little update of what I’m up to here in NYC.  I have to finish cooking, but first I’m putting my shoes on before I go back in the kitchen.  Not too many things creep me out or gross me out, but seeing the cockroach did it for me tonight.