I was doing laundry the other day at the laundry mat up the street and out back there’s a bench.  One of those wooden ones that you put out front on your lawn and it rarely gets used.

No, no.  Not this type of bench, above, but something more like…

When I went to sit on the bench out back of the laundry mat, the iron bar on the side (in green) snapped and it feel to the ground.  Doesn’t seem as funny reliving the incident but it was kind of funny.  It was even funnier when a guy who saw told the guy working and their reaction, they seem very puzzled and just put it back together.  I hope a kid doesn’t get hurt on it next because it did scrap my leg a bit but nothing to cry about.


One Response to Random

  1. Brent says:

    Sue them and make your NYC trip even more worth the summer.

    hahaha love ya hope your ok

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