California Dreaming..

Ahhhh, I LOVE California!!!

San Francisco, California:  My favorite city in the world!

I have a few friends in San Diego and a few friends in San Francisco so I try to visit each city as often as possible, which luckily I’ve been able to do quite a few times in the last two to three years.  I like each a lot but there’s something about San Francisco that I just can’t get enough of.  I’ve been to a few other cities in the world that remind me of San Francisco, but I don’t think there is a city out there that compares.  Barcelona and Athens are both a little similar with their architectural style and laid backness (is that a word?), but still they don’t quite measure up to SF.

I want to go through my San Francisco and the rest of California pictures right now but they’re on my external hard drive that I can’t access so here’s a few pictures I found searching online, and soon I will make a longer post and put more of my own pictures up!!!

(not the Golden Gate bridge, that’s the Bay Bridge I think it’s called)


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