Around the world plane tickets

Something I heard about a few years ago and have since thought about a few times is around the world plane tickets.  I found a website where they seem ridiculously affordable and I hope to do a vacation such as this one day soon.  Typically you head East or West and circle the globe and the price depends on how many cities you go to and where those cities are.  There are some large cities that are priced low, and then to go to further off the beaten path cities (which is where I’d want to go of course) it’ll be a little more of course.

Around The World Ticket Info

Right now I’m thinking of planning a really cool trip either next summer or in two summers from now.  I would love to do it next summer but there’s the possibility of another big trip I’d like to do (more on this later but it’s to China), as well as I simply just may not have the money.  Also, if I wait two years, then perhaps a few more people can come along for the journey because it will be very expensive but well worth it.

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I’m thinking about three days in each city.  There will be a few days of long travel so figure another few days which will make it about 17-19 days long.

New York City to Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech to Cairo, Egypt

Cairo to Tel-Aviv, Israel

Tel-Aviv to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai to somewhere in India

India to NYC

As you can see, it would be one hell of a trip and if airfare is really this affordable, probably about 2500 is my guess, then total it will be about a $5,000 trip.  I am going to research hotels extensively and figure out some tours and stuff to do but I have no doubt it is possible and it will certainly be happening.  YOU’RE INVITED!!


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