First Day of Photo Snapping

I do recognize that we are in America and quite simply, Americans just don’t like to read.  Most Americans that is.  Recognizing that, I present you with a few photos from my first day of using my camera.  I was a little unsure how they were coming out because I couldn’t tell with the LCD screen on the camera, but I am really pleased after putting them on my computer and looking at them in high resolution.  Be sure to click on the pictures to view them larger, they look amazing the larger they are.

These are taken with a 75-300mm lens which is typically used to take pictures from a distance, but you can also use it to be creative with close up things where you can blur out things based on where you focus.  I’m waiting for my 18-55mm lens to arrive which is the standard lens that allows you to take pictures of everyday things in the same room as you.


2 Responses to First Day of Photo Snapping

  1. david bevis says:

    lol first two pics are totally mine. turned out great though.

  2. Greg says:

    CORRECTION: The second picture is yours, I will give you credit. The first one, though, I definitely took.

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