Damn, running into some trouble with the formatting of the templates that WordPress uses.  Each one has certain things that can’t be changed or edited and it’s quite annoying sometimes.  The picture at the top that I have, for example, is just a picture of the text already on it that I uploaded as an image.  With the other layout that I had, with all black, you could pick the picture, text, and even color of the text.  So now I want to go and try to change the color of the text to some type of blue, but in order to do so I’d have to change my entire blog back to the other template, change it and then save the picture that it creates.  I also want to have control over how wide the frames are, but with this template it’s not allowed.  To do so you have to know CSS (similar to HTML which I have no clue about) and pay to be able to do so.  Hmmmmm… darn.  This works for now but if anyone has any ideas on things feel free to let me know?!?!


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