Random thought…

I’ve been using an older flip phone the past three days now because my Blackberry Pearl decided to quit working on me.  I lost all my numbers except my contact list from about three years ago, so along with not having people’s numbers and spending a hundred and eighteen million billion seconds to type each word in a text message, I think I need a more up-to-date phone.  If you haven’t talked to me today or yesterday, send me a text message with your name so I can save your number.  So far, I’ve only posted this on here so I’m curious to see if anyone will respond.


One Response to Random thought…

  1. Christine says:

    This is a wonderful way chronicle your adventures. I know how much you love to travel and you’ve already gone to so many wonderful and exciting places. you should try to get those trips into here and it would be great to document those in a creative way. This information over the years could be used to write an autobiography or even your memoirs for future generations to enjoy reading about your life. You many not be thinking about that now, but now at my own age, I sometimes wish I had kept some kind of journal or diary of things I’ve done and places I’ve seen, for my grandchildren. My daughter is only now starting to look at my old pictures and ask about my life when I was younger.

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